As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, our focus is on the wellbeing of our residents and employees. We are following government guidance and taking additional steps to minimise the risk of any outbreak in our homes. We are currently accepting designated visitors only.
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Katherine House

Katherine House, Cote House Lane
Westbury on Trym, Bristol BS9 3UW

Telephone: 0117 987 3540




We listen carefully to the voice of our residents in shaping our care, making them feel fully at home. Here is a representative selection of their comments and a flavour of testimonials from their families and healthcare professionals.


""I just wanted to say thank you for organising the vintage bus trip today! Mum had such a good time - she was really enthusiastic about it! She enjoyed going around with her friend." Compliment emailed to home from Daughter of HR, Katherine House Resident. March 2022"

""LT, Daughter of BT, a previous resident in Katherine House, wanted to pass on her massive thanks for all that looked after and cared for her Mum. She said her Mum was able to live a little longer and in a good place because of us."
Compliment documented by CP, Team Leader in Katherine House & Griffiths House. March 2022

""BT's family (family of previous Katherine House resident) called to say thank you for everything we did to make BT's quality of life so goof prior to her passing. They are very grateful for our care and support towards BT and all the staff work so hard in such difficult times."
Compliment to all staff in Katherine House. March 2022

""We would very much like to make this a permanent arrangement. JP (Katherine House resident) is settling in well. My Mother actually rang me the other evening to tell me what a wonderful day she'd had! This is so different from the isolation and lack of consistency in care that she was experiencing whilst living in her own home."
Compliment to Deputy Manager ST from family of JP, Katherine House Resident. March 2022"

""How lovely and nice to see how happy our residents are!"
(Regarding Vintage Bus Trip Outing) Instagram comment from Domestic Team Member in Katherine House

""This is amazing guys. Well done, I know how much hard work goes into supporting something like this and you make it all look seamless. Proud of you all!"
(Regarding Vintage Bus Trip outing). Instagram comment from previous staff member in Katherine House. March 2022"

""Dear Sabina, Thank you so much for all the care and support you give Mum. I know she really appreciates it, as do we. You are incredibly kind."
Compliment to Wellbeing Coordinator from Daughter & Son of Katherine House resident. February 2022

""Another thank you for all your support and care for Mum- as a family we so appreciate what you do. I thought I would convey our thanks again before Christmas preparations take over our lives. Mum is happier and looks better and is clearly being better cared for than we could ever provide for her in her own home- as hard as we tried."
Compliment from family of KH Resident to Manager, Leanne Thorne. December 2021"

""Thank you to all of the staff, you work so hard and we are so grateful for all the kindness you show Mum and all the residents."
Daughter of KH resident. December 2021"

"Staff & residents participating in Christmas video-
"Lovely to see granny Barbara at the beginning smiling!!!! Thank you so much for all you do!!!"
Instagram compliment of Granddaughter of KH Resident. December 2021"

"Staff & residents participating in Christmas video-
"This was so fun to make. It was a pleasure to be a part of it. Well done to everyone who took part and a big well done to Sabina and Raj for taking the time to get everyone involved. Seeing our residents happy makes it so worth it."
Compliment from KH, Carer in KH. December 2021"

"Staff & residents participating in Christmas video-
"Brilliant to see so many of us joining in with the residents. I'm so proud to be a part of such a great team."
Compliment from NH, Domestics Team member in KH. December 2021"

""Welldone to the Wellbeing Team at Katherine House. Great to see my Mum ML decorate the Christmas tree."
Instagram Compliment from Daughter of KH Resident. December 2021"

""Every time I have spoken to Mum throughout this 'lockdown' she has seemed very happy and comments on her busy days rather than when she lived independently when she frequently commented on her long days."
Compliment from family of KH resident, sent through to admin. November 2021"

""We couldn't have asked for more support and our decision to use Katherine House for Mum is reaffirmed with all our interactions with you and your staff. We thought it was just right when we initially visited and it has exceeded our expectations."
Compliment from family of KH resident to Manager, Leanne Thorne. October 2021"

""The Wellbeing Team work so hard to keep our residents happy and its doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you for everything you do."
Compliment from KH, Carer in KH. October 2021

"Regarding Seaside Event with donkey visit & ice cream van
"Amazing! Looks like everyone had fun."
Instagram compliment from Daughter of KH Resident. September 2021

""Mum is looking so happy"
Instagram Compliment from Daughter of KH Resident. September 2021


""MM's daughter would like to thank all the staff for everything they do for her. She said that we all work so hard in looking after the residents. And that we always seem happy."
Compliment from Daughter of KH Resident. Documented by JC, Carer, August 2021"

""So glad we chose Katherine House for my mum and mother in law. You go above and beyond for everyone. A fantastic place."
Instagram compliment from Daughter of KH Resident, July 2021"

"Compliment from friend of KH Resident. April 2021
"I know you are all a big part of JA's wellbeing and joy living at Katherine House. I thank you all for that."

""The newsletter was a lovely to read. A big thank you to the Wellbeing Team for all the brilliant events they think up to entertain our loved ones."
Compliment from Daughter of KH Resident, April 2021"

""Thank you to everyone at Katherine House for making Nan's birthday special."
Compliment from Granddaughter of KH Resident, April 2021"

""Thanks for the lovely photo. My mother was thrilled with her outing and phoned us straight away to say she had been outside and she thought the grounds were beautiful."
Compliment from Daughter of KH Resident, March 2021"

""Just so magical. You guys really do go the extra mile just to keep the residents happy."
Instagram compliment from Daughter of KH Resident, March 2021"

""You have been amazing, not just over the past year, the whole time Nan has been with you. You all work so hard and are doing such an amazing job. I know Nan loves everyone at the home and she is loved and safe. Thank you all."
Instagram Compliment from Granddaughter of KH Resident, March 2021

""My sister and I can't thank you enough for your care and support to our lovely Mum and my dear mother and law, who I miss dearly."
Instagram Comment from Daughter of KH Resident, March 2021"

"Thank you for all that you do for all your residents, which include my friends. You are all fantastic, hoping to visit soon!"
Instagram Comment from friend of KH Residents, March 2021"

""Those chocolate truffles look delicious and the flower arranging, so much fun. Love how creative and thoughtful you guys are in finding ways to celebrate and honour the residents. Thanks for all you do to brighten so many lives/ days. Remembering my Mum and all the joy activities you provided brought her. Thank you."
Instagram Compliment from Daughter of previous Katherine House resident, March 2021"

""I love how you find a way for each and every resident to shine!"
Instagram Compliment from Daughter of previous Katherine House resident, March 2021"

"I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to all concerned who allowed mom to stay in her room at KH and to allow my brother to be with her during her passing. That mom was not alone, in familiar surroundings and cared for by those she knew are a source of great comfort. Please may I ask you to extend my heartfelt thanks especially to Marsha and Shannon who showed such care and compassion, going far beyond their remit. Also to Francis. Lastly, thank you so much for the candles lit by Vivienne and Simon plus the comments on mom's 'much loved' tribute page.I trust I will be able to visit KH at some point in the future to thank you all in person.
Compliment from Daughter of previous Katherine House resident, Feb 2021"

""The Wellbeing Team and specifically Imogen, pulled out all the stops for our immediate family situated in USA, France, England and Turkey to Zoom Meet with Thelma to celebrate her 91st birthday. It was so poignant. I only wish I had had the presence of mind to ask for the meeting to have been recorded. It will forever be a lasting memory, in addition to all your twitter photographs documenting the full and varied programme of activities you offered each week (you often captured Mom's smile and sparkling blue eyes). On twitter you also posted a video clip of Mom singing with John Prescott (I gatecrashed too!) that is ever so special. Your weekly wellbeing activities helped to shape Mom's day when she joined KH and make such a difference in her life. For that, I can only give my heartfelt thanks."

Compliment from Daughter of previous Katherine House resident, Feb 2021

""Our video call was brilliant. Please pass on to others how happy John is to be living at Katherine House, he is clear it was a good decision to live there. He really appreciates the care he receives and loves the company, both something he sadly didn't have when he lived in his own home."
Compliment provided by Friend of Katherine House resident, Jan 2021

""We can't thank you enough for your wonderful care and kindness to both our Mums. This has inevitably been the worst year ever, especially for key workers like yourselves. You are all amazing. We are in awe of your dedication even when facing possible infection and problems for yourselves."
Compliment from Daughter of Katherine House resident, Dec 2020

""May I say how truly thankful and grateful I am for all you are doing for the Katherine House and Griffiths House residents during these extremely challenging times. When I speak with Mom, she often refers to the activities you offer each day and these become a point of conversation for us."
Compliment provided by daughter of Katherine House resident, Nov 2020

""So wonderful to hear the residents' voices. Their sincere, heartfelt remarks made me choke up. I hope the staff and carers always feel appreciated."
(Commenting on Thank you Carers video)
Daughter of Katherine House resident, August 2020"

""It's magical to hear the residents expressing themselves in this way and a huge tribute to the staff for fostering these opportunities."
(Commenting on resident Thoughts on Art Club Instagram video)
Daughter of Katherine House resident, August 2020"

""Thank you so much for organising the Facetime chat just now- it was so good to see RK looking so well cared for. We've just finished looking at your Instagram pics and loved seeing all the wonderful activities you provide for the residents. It's 12 months since we were in the UK and saw him and we noticed that he had deteriorated quite a bit but he still looked very happy and secure to us. Thank you for the obvious care and kindness you show to him- he is very lucky to be with you."
Sister in Law of Katherine House resident, July 2020"

""I would like to say a big thank you to all of the staff in Katherine House for their continued cheerful support and in this very difficult time. The extra support for carrying out Skype calls, uploading photos, extra activities and even managing to get their hair done is much appreciated. You are certainly a multitalented team."
Daughter of Katherine House Resident, June 2020"

""Thank you so much for doing a really wonderful job of looking after my Mum. I love her very very much. She is a very special woman and the way you look after her, care for her, help her out with Zoom calls is just marvellous."
Daughter of Katherine House Resident, June 2020"

""You guys are doing such a wonderful job of keeping everyones spirits up. Thank you for all the love and smiles."
Daughter of KH Resident, March 2020"

"Thank you to the staff in both GH and KH for the fantastic care they give my Mum and the other residents. Wonderful at the best of times but in these difficult times, truly outstanding. You're heroes and I can't thank you enough or tell you how much we really appreciate you.

Complement provided by son of resident at Griffiths House"

"To Everyone at Katherine and Griffiths House,

Just a very quick email to say a big 'Thank You' to you all for all your hard work and continual care for my Mum and all the other residents.

I imagine at times it has been very difficult and frightening.... you are all really appreciated.

My sister Helen passes on anything we need to know and it was lovely to see the pictures of Mum taken on her birthday... Thank you.

Complement provided by daughter of resident at Katherine House"

"You guys are doing such a wonderful job of keeping everyone's spirits up. Thank you for all the love and smiles.

A big thank you to all of the staff who are doing amazing things to keep Thelma and the rest of the residents safe and happy in such difficult times.

Complement provided by son of resident at Katherine House.

"Hi Sabina,
This is so kind of you, the photo made me cry! You are so thoughtful and I can't express how grateful I am for your kindness to Mum.
I spent three hours with her yesterday and I was so grateful to be allowed into KH. It was a very calm and gentle time.

Complement provided by daughter of resident at Katherine House


"Hi Emily
Thank you so much for sending me those pictures. They're absolutely gorgeous!!
I just spoke to mum and she really enjoyed the activity. So thank you so much for all your marvelous input.
Thank you so much again, I really appreciate the communication.

Comment provided by son of resident at Katherine House

"Thanks so much for helping Mum with the iPad

I did not think I would ever be getting emails from my 86 year old Mum so its amazing to get her email and I know she could never have done it with out you so thanks so much.

I sent Mum some emails today with some photos so I hope you can save them and show them to her

Comment provided by son of resident at Katherine House on 12 March 2020

"My mum has been a resident at Katherine House for over 4 years now and I cannot recommend this home highly enough. If our family have any concerns regarding Mum's health then we know it will be acted on quickly. Staff really seem to enjoy working in the home and care for the residents. They seem to have a genuine affection for Mum, pay her compliments when she has had her hair done or she is wearing something new or different.
Safeguarding could have been an issue due to Mum's divorce but we were always reassured the correct procedures were in place to ensure it was carried out as requested.
Afternoon activities are always available for all residents which are varied and suit all types of abilities and needs. Mum attends these which has included external visits to local sites and attractions.

Review submitted by Claire H (Daughter of Resident) "

"This is a lovely modern care home, set in a nice peaceful position, the staff are wonderful and the rooms are well appointed. This was Gran's second stay at Katherine House, making our choice of home more easy, as we knew she would be well cared for by the very attentive staff."

"My father resided at Katherine House for 2 years from aged 99 until he died peacefully there at the age of 101. He really regarded the place as home, loved the staff as they did him and was exceptionally well cared for in his final days including nursing care which was highly professional and delivered in a very respectful and loving way. The management staff were also really helpful throughout his stay, the food was good and the kitchen staff lovely and the building and grounds superb - we enjoyed some beautiful times set in the gardens. The home never felt or smelt like a residential home.."

"The staff at this home are really good, caring, compassionate and friendly. The food is good and residents' preferences and whims are catered for, it is very clean and there is a lovely atmosphere. Our relative was there for more than two and a half years and was content to be there. We wholeheartedly recommend the home.."

"As a first care home following my mother's loss of sight, it was important to choose very carefully. Katherine House staff are simply the best! A good management team and truly caring care staff helped make my mother's transition from being mostly independent to requiring supported care as easy as possible in what is a difficult time for both resident and their families... The atmosphere was cheerful, safe, clean, and very caring, and Mum felt valued, respected and loved by all. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this wonderful home.


""Such a beautiful place to work & I am so proud to be a member of staff here."
Compliment from NH, Domestics Team in KH, July 2021"

"As well as my own positive view of KH, I receive frequent positive comments from the residents about the quality of their care and surroundings. (GP)"

"I have found staff efficient and helpful and the building tidy and clean. (Community Nurse)"

"The staff are always helpful whenever I need any advice or assistance regarding the residents; they are also friendly and there is always a welcoming atmosphere when I come in. (Visiting Chiropodist)"


"ML would like to thank the housekeeping team for always ensuring that her laundry is returned to her in good time. ML told the housekeeping team that she is always grateful. The housekeeping team said they know ML is grateful and its a pleasure ensuring ML has clean clothes to wear. Documented by SR, Katherine House Resident May 2022"

""MP (Katherine House resident) absolutely loved taking part in Chair Zumba with the wellbeing team today. She was full of smiles and positivity and she gave it her best effort. MP took the time to let us know how much she enjoyed herself afterwards and thanked us for putting on the afternoon. She said she had so much fun and would like to take part again."
Documented by Wellbeing Coordinator. February 2022 "

""MP (Katherine House resident) was asking of Team Leader Anne P this afternoon. MP's reason was she is lovely and always on time with medication with a huge smile on her face."
Compliment documented by CF, Senior Carer. January 2022

""JW (Katherine House resident) is an avid reader who boasts she always loves to have a book in her hand! JW uses the library everyday. This week the Wellbeing Team rearranged the layout of the library to make it more inviting and feel like a quiet cosy relaxing place to spend time in. It felt right to give JW the honor of coming to see the new library herself as she uses it so often. JW could not stop smiling and was delighted with the new design. She said 'This is amazing! I am going to have to find even more excuses to come down here. I love having a library. It was one of the things that drew me to this home. This is the kind of place you can come and make time for yourself. This is fantastic. Make sure this place stays."
Compliment documented by SG, Wellbeing Coordinator. January 2022

""JA (Katherine House resident) particularly loved the Cheese Tasting Activity today. After the activity he called me over and said 'thank you so much for your efforts. It does not go unnoticed. This was fantastic and you must have gone to a lot of trouble to put this together. I have really enjoyed myself."
Compliment documented by SG, Wellbeing Coordinator. January 2022

""PI told me how thankful she is that the staff are always looking after her. She said at lunch that the staff here are very thoughtful for helping her with her food and always asking if she needed help."
Compliment from KH Resident. Documented by OW, Carer. August 2021"

""I enjoy the quietness of the room and you're not being directed. It's very calming because it's what you want to do. You've got total freedom to do what you want and there's no criticism. It's wonderful and you've got company. Just the fact that we are together, it's very very comfortable, there's someone there."
Thoughts on Art Club
Katherine House Resident, August 2020"

""I'd just like to say a great big thank you to everyone in Katherine House for the way they look after us, they care for us and nothing seems too much trouble for them. I haven't come across a single member of staff who isn't absolutely lovely. They are all so pleasant, so kind. It's happy, it's caring and I feel I belong."
Katherine House Resident, June 2020"

""Thank you very much for all the hard work you do in difficult circumstances during a difficult time. I can assure you your efforts are very much appreciated by all the residents here."
Katherine House Resident, June 2020"

"Activities are very good and enterprising. It helps to liven up our day. Some are very interesting."

"I feel overall staff really care about the residents. I am very happy to be here!"

"I am happy to come here as my family were worried about my falls and I would have been on my own - I wasn't keen on that either! When I had a fall the other night, I was able to reach for the bell and two staff came immediately and picked me up and patched me up, for which I am very grateful."

"I am very happy with the way I am treated here, especially in the mornings when I get up."

"The food here is home from home."

Katherine House

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The Care Quality Commission recently inspected Katherine House and found us to be compliant in all areas, awarding us, in August 2019, with a 'GOOD' CQC care rating in Safe, Effective, Caring and Well led, and OUTSTANDING in Responsive. We are proud to provide excellent care and always strive to make residents and their relatives comfortable and welcome. You can view the online report here
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